News & Events
omniceptive event 23-923.09.2009 OmniCeptive, Arteria and ZUI organise a seminar on 23 Sept.
new website online18.09.2009Omniceptive works hard to realise new webpresence
OmniCeptive sup-ported Maastricht University06.05.2009OmniCeptive sup-ported Maastricht University in gaining insight on how Interactive Forms can be utilised optimally in our SAP Eco-System
Pre Defined Business Scans
With one of our special business scans we can provide insight into the solutions with the highest potential for your organisation. For a fixed price we will look at a specific vertical within your organisation with a selection of predefined scenarios. As a result, you will be able to make decisions faster and better.

Value Proposition Services
Do you need to convince your management and co-workers of the potential of optimised utilisation of Information Systems by better communicating with the target audiences? Do you need to persuade them of the benefits of Enterprise Enabling? OmniCeptive offers these services in a pre-arranged package available upon request.

Value Engineering Services
If you need to convince your management regarding the Total Cost of Ownership versus Return on Investment and other required business economic analyses, OmniCeptive can help. Using 1 or 2 common scenarios we will investigate your processes. This way we can determine possible optimisation solutions and their effect on your efficiency. This business scan will provide you with a good starting point for further business analyses.

Business Scoping
When you are clueless but have a need to "enable the enterprise", business scoping is likely going to be your choice. Without a preset mind, we will look at your present infrastructure and your requirements. If your organisation is still in the first stage of investigation and hasn’t considered how potential target audiences could become an integral part of your workflow and business processes, this is a very valuable business scan.


We understand your business processes and your business process needs.

Together we will make the best of your Information Systems!

What can OmniCeptive do for you? Do you recognize this scenario? OmniCeptive can help your organisation by providing knowledge about the available technologies as to:

• Support & optimisation
• Usability & interaction

Our independent consultancy organisation has only one aim: ensuring that your processes are optimised, resulting in an immediate efficiency improvement.



    Make the best of your investment!